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Placement Services

Placement is a technique of distributing a particular employment to each of the named applicants. Placement Services includes allocating a particular rank and obligation to a person. It suggests coordinating the prerequisites of a job with the capabilities of the applicant. At Sunshine, we indulge into providing precise placement services for our clients as per requirements.

Executive Services

Executive Services is an explicit recruitment service to source Candidates for senior, official or other exceedingly particular positions in associations. The technique more often than not includes appointing an outsider association, ordinarily an official pursuit firm however potentially a standalone specialist, to look into the accessibility of appropriate hopefuls working for Candidates or related organizations.

Mobile Consulting Services

Our Mobile Consulting Services include proper recruitment and selection, providing proper orientation an induction, training, skill developments, proper assessment of employees (performance appraisal), providing appropriate compensation and benefits, maintaining proper labor relations and ultimately maintaining safety, welfare and health concern of employees, which is process of the human resource management.

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Sunshine specializes in all types of IT Jobs and works with a wide variety of clients such as Product based IT companies, Service based IT Companies and Emerging IT Start-ups. The depth and diversity of our clients allows Sunshine Consulting to be your one-stop destination whether you’re seeking an entry level IT job or a skilled IT position.

Our basic requirement is that all applicants must be able to provide documentation establishing the individual’s right to work with companies.Many of our clients have other requirements in order to be considered for that particular job. This can include things such as relevant experience, a technical degree, or the ability to pass a pre-employment screening.

If you’d like to be considered for employment, but do not see a current job posting that matches your skills and experiences, you may submit your resume directly to us.

There is no cost to job seekers. We are paid by the companies where our employees are placed.




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